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Ghalegaun - Bhujung (Awesome Gurung Community)

Taking a break from work is always important, especially when the job is more of a mentally exhausting kind. Taking a Break From Work Is Great for Stress Relief, to disrupt the body’s stress response cycle. That’s what was needed after a long time of work stress. So we decided to go for a short and awesome getaway to Ghalegaun, a beautiful village in north-central Nepal, at the foot of the Lamjung Himal. Ghalegaun is the ideal destination for experiencing the typical culture and lifestyles of the Gurung people and Gurung communities. This trek was going to be more special for me because this was the first time I was going to hike outside Kathmandu and also we were able to witness the spectacular views of high snow-capped mountains sp closely for the first time. First, we had planned only to go to Ghalegaun but we ended up going to Bhujung which has even bigger community than the neighboring village of Ghalegaun. This trek provides pleasant weather conditions which take you up through various forest area, through rich farmlands and various Gurung villages. There was a total of 5 people from our office ready to go to Ghalegaun trek. We took a microbus from Kathmandu around 4 pm on Friday which goes directly to Besisahar which is a small town in the lamjung district. It took us around 6hrs to reach Besi Sahar. We had already booked the hotel in Besisahar so we checked into the Hotel and we had a great Thakali meal at the hotel and went to sleep immediately as we have to wake up early in the morning to start our trek.

The next day early in the morning we woke up with the first glimpse of snow-capped mountain from the Hotel Room. We freshen ourselves, packed our bags and started the trek. The first half an hour was quite difficult because the path was quite steep and also the first hour is always difficult in hiking. The trail was taking us through the pristine forest along with stone steps, forest paths, and grassy hills. We stopped frequently to catch our breath, take a rest. After trekking an hour, then came the most challenging path. That trail looked almost impossible when viewing from the bottom because it was almost like a 90 deg uphill hike. However, We were progressing motivating ourselves. After hiking through that hill then we came to the village called Dharapani and we were quite relieved after that hard walk. Also, we were getting very hungry so we decided to have lunch in the village. Damn that meal was one of the best I have had after a long time. It was traditional Nepali food Daal Bhhat, dhido, and other side dishes. Before the meal, we had a great Barbecue of local chicken lol :D. After having that awesome meal we started our trekking towards Ghalegaun. It was quite an easy to hike afterward which was mostly through various small villages. Around 3 in the afternoon we reached Ghalegaun. The village was quite amazing to explore with the colorful houses and the peoples doing their work. We spent some time in the village exploring and we decided to go further up to Bhujung Village. It was going to be quite a long walk from Bhujung village but it was easy to hike all the way up to Bhujung Village. It took us around 4 hours to reach the village. It was already 8 in the evening so we hiked for around 1 hour in the complete dark with the help of our mobile lights. After reaching the village we choose the home where we were going to stay the night, as the village is completely based on Homestay for people that come to the village. We had our typical Nepalese meal sitting around the fire in the kitchen with the amazing aunt of the house. It was quite an experience to observe Gurung people and their lifestyles. Then we went for sleep after such a long hike throughout the day as we walked for more than 10 hours throughout the day. We woke up early in the morning, had some tea and packed our bags. The aunt of the house blessed us with rice tikas and flowers and we leave the village by local jeep which was going all the way to Besisahar. So This is how our Journey to Ghalegaun and Bhujung completed.

All in All, It was an amazing short trip we had in which we had a chance to observe amazing Gurung people’s lifestyle and community and also some amazing mountain range.


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