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Sikles A Well Kept Secret
Sikles A Well Kept Secret

Work, Earn, Travel, and eat. That’s what I have been doing lately. We were planning to trek into the shortest trekking spot of Nepal (Wanted to go to Mardi Himal, but what to do work comes first). Not in Kathmandu as we have already way around most of the important trekking spot of the Kathmandu. Al last, we ended up going to SIKLES TREK, a newly explored destination in the southern Gurung settlement of Nepal

Sikles Trek is a short drive from the Pokhara, city of the lakes. This trek is best for those who don’t have enough time to trek around the Annapurna Circuit. Trust me from, Sikles you can see the Annapurna range like never seen before.

I and a bunch of my friends drove to the Pokhara, took a taxi to kaukhola which is the starting point of our trek. We hiked for around 4-5 hours through the dense forest. As amazing as the scenery was not the roads though it was fully dusty roads. However, Sikles Trek offers some amazing trail as we go through stairs made with rocks into the forest. We kept hiking and hiking and it was getting total dark. We finally made it to the place called Taprang where we decided to stay that night. We had an amazing meal plus that barbecued local chicken was awesome. We didn’t have any luck seeing the mountain throughout the other day but the next day when we woke up that first glimpse of the annapurna range was amazing. We were not able to see the whole range but that was quite pleasing, so close to the mountains. We took some amazing pictures. As we had a very strict schedule, we decided to go up to the sikes valley by jeep. We had breakfast and we waited for the jeep. Around 10 AM, one jeep came and we left Taprang village for Sikles.

It took us around 4 hours to reach Sikles village. The roads were so dangerous we were scared the whole way. Finally, we reached Sikles village and the view of the mountains was about to get more awesome. When we get off from the jeep, that view of the annapurna range was speechless. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. We took some photos there, the entrance gate of sikles village. From the gate, you have to walk for around half hours to get to the village. We didn’t have any lunch, just breakfast so we were quite hungry. We decided to stay in of the Homestay. Sikles has Community Homestay networks that offer a chance to see and experience ordinary Nepali life and culture. The owners of the homestay we choose to stay made us feel part of their family. She cooked us a great meal even in the afternoon, awesome traditional Nepali food, comfort food.

We decided to go up to the hill where we were going to see an amazing view of the mountains with the sun setting over the mountains. That was an unbelievable experience watching the sun setting over the mountains. The whole mountain range started to become red with the sunset. I can never forget that experience, felt like we were in heaven. We stayed there for 1 2 hours, that was an amazing 2 hours. Then we decided to go home we were staying. The aunt, who was an owner of the house invited us to the kitchen. We sat around the fire, watching her preparing the meal, talking to her. She was one of the amazing women I have ever met. We had a great meal and then we went for sleep.

The aunt, She had told us we can have an even better view of the mountains if we wake up early in the morning and go up to hike for around 1 hour. We didn’t know the way so her brother (we called him mama ) said he will go with us in the morning. We woke up around 5 in the morning, and we started to hike up the village towards the mountain. The view of the mountain was getting better and better as we walk towards the mountain. The sunrise over the mountain was adding more beauty to it. After we reached that place, That view made me speechless. After some time, we even saw the avalanche in the mountain, That was such an experience which can’t be described in words. We stayed there for around 1 hour appreciating the view of the mountain, drinking tea. That was an amazing experience through out this whole Sikles Trek

Then we went back to the home, get ready and packed our bags. Because it was Christmas time, we wanted to spend the night in Pokhara. She blessed us with white rice tikkas and flowers before we set out in the morning. Then we leave sikles village. We had an amazing night in Pokhara going from one restaurant to another, we had some amazing live music experience. We came back to the hotel, It was already 1 AM. in the early morning. We went to the tourist bus park and got the bus back to Kathmandu. It was one of the amazing 3 days I have had for a long time.

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