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Let’s take you in a flashback where I was just a primary school kid who was very shy and completely books nerd. Besides study was so into arts, crafts designs, and technology. I have always wanted to try new designs and build a habit of playing with colors. (Intelligent nerd would be my nickname if I was in some high school movie character). I was always getting fascinated by the technology (still I am, I watch the vlogs of MKBHD and unbox therapy most of the time). So this made me take the computer as my major subject in high school and college days. Those were the days where I learned HTML, CSS, javascript and so on. Surfed the internet to learn various topics and learn online course books. That was the starting of my designing career. Theoretical subjects were less as compared to the practical ones. This designing thing was on my nerves and always try the new thing out in my spare time. Slowly and steadily, I designed the website of my college, friends, and relatives. And everyone loved it.

So, this was the point where I got confident in my work and thought to start web designing as my career. So must be thinking why WordPress, not python, Joomla, Drupal and so on. It is because WordPress has always been the leading platform in terms of website development. Though it is open source there are lots of that developer and designer can do their best to make the best out of WordPress. I searched the internet and took suggestions from the experts, and went with WordPress. And WordPress has never failed to amaze me till date.

This is how my career started, now I am working as a web designer in a web development company and love every part of my job and WordPress. You must be feeling bored by now. No worries, will leave my career thing for a while and let you how I got addicted to traveling.

It has been a while that I got infected with a virus called traveling. I am not telling it, my friends are saying that I have been bitten by the travel bug. I don’t deny the fact actually. Well, it’s so true. I am not the same shy kid anymore. Now I have a bunch of friends and I do travel with them a lot. Being a native of mountainous country, I have wanted to explore the hidden valley behind the adobe of snow. Not just that, I want to learn their culture, tradition, daily routine and lifestyle and so transparently to the visitors through my videography.

But I was so lost in making my career, which was a good thing though, but something was missing. I do love my work, really, no complaints and no regrets. But something was missing, even though I watched friends over and over again, never missed the single episode of Game of Thrones, listen Despacito thousand times, and watched most of the romantics” comedy and thriller movies. There was something, something so tasteless in my life. Eventually, I got to know what I was missing and eventually found it. It was traveling. I realized when I was watching travel vlogs over YouTube. I came to know that I have some amazing colleagues who love traveling as much as I do. Once I was way back to my home after an adventurous motorbike ride to the Amayangri. The trip further pulsed out the bacteria through my body and made me an insane travel lover. This is how I gave life to my passion for traveling. It started from one or two, but since then I thought of never holding back. I will not for sure. My main motto here is to travel awesome destinations of the mountainous country as much as I can.

But it is not so as easy as I thought. It’s very hard to manage the time when you are stuck in an 8-hour job. And meanwhile, travel costs a good amount of money. Either I have to travel or leave my job. Going for both things at the same time is quite impossible. As I am not Mark Wines, Jeff and Anne, and some other popular YouTube travel blogger who makes handsome money by just traveling. This thing was killing me. I want to travel a lot but don’t want to leave the job at the same time. No job= no money to travel. (I was really bitten by the bug and the virus has infected me). This made me think about to raise the money to travel, but my mind was not clear.

This thing really hit hard in my mind. You can say that I was somewhat struck by the lightning. I know what I am capable of. So I turned my travel passion into reality. Surely not leaving all the priorities behind just like forest Gump did when he started running just because he loved it. But by creating the WordPress theme as I am ace on.

This is where I thanked myself for taking designing as a career the most. I will be creating WordPress Themes, awesome Themes both Free and Premium. In this way, I can contribute to the WordPress community through my free themes and I will be collecting funds through the money I get from selling premium themes.

I have first started with an amazing Blogging WordPress theme which is perfect for travel, personal blogging sites. I think my contribution will provide the opportunity to voice out their travel stories through their website. Considering all the necessary features a theme must have to create a professional and fully functional website, I have included ocean of important and powerful features that my users don’t have to search for the second option. I know how it feels once you get addicted to travel, how much you want to share your stories. So keeping all those things in mind, I have given the fastest platform to portray the dream of your life via the website.

So lastly, but this ain’t the end. If I had all the money in the world, I think I would gladly give up everything just to travel and being in the mountain. This traveling may not have been life-changing in immediate ways but I certainly unlocked the doors in my mind, the paths down which I can’t wait to explore more. I want to explore more, write about my journey and portray them on the videography and designing talents. I really want to show to the whole world about the perks of being native of mountainous country and following your passion. I want to be the source of inspiration for most of the travel lovers out there. If you like my dedication towards my profession and don’t want me not bequeath my passion for travel, honestly asking is there hope for a guy like me? If you think yes, then a little support from your side will surely make a big difference in my life.