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About Me

“I believe that before one takes a step outside into the paths unknown, one must truly understand where he/she belongs. Welcome to my window. This is my window where I will be narrating or storytelling about my voyage to my own country through my traveling passion that awakens the inner self of my life. This is my personal quest, a hunt of redemption, my path to inspire all the passionate travelers and my test to know myself better and moreover to enjoy the beauty of nature and lost into the tranquility of it. (I want to be sound so inspiring and deeply connect with my readers so I introduced myself like this.) “

Three things thats defines me

Dreams & Goals
The name is Sushil Thapa, from the mountainous country Nepal. You must be thinking about me as an insane traveler who has just initiated his travel blog website. Well, that’s true. Let’s keep my passion aside for a while and see how professional I am. I am a Web designer/ UI designer. This is my career and I love every part of my job without any doubts. I graduated in Bachelor in information management. My knowledge really supported to start a job as a web designer in a web development company. As my designation and the proper use of my talent and skills, I have been successfully developing and designing various WordPress themes associating with my company. (This website is also developed and designed by myself.) I deeply care about my design and quality is my top priority. Everyone has loved my work until now. No complaints and nothing. Well sometimes I have to redo my designs more than twice a time, not because my capabilities are fading away because you know, no-one’s perspective and tastes are the same. I keep myself updated with the time. So that I couldn’t miss out on the jaw-dropping designs and spare myself for not using that design. (It is bit much, am I sounding like a popular high school kid, who never fails to praise oneself, no matter what the circumstances are? Do you think I am doing the same?) I think yes, this is all about my professional career. Moving to my hobbies, you should have already guessed by now that I love traveling. Besides traveling, I love watching series, movies, and I am an avid music lover. I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and Friends. I have watched Friends more than five times. I really like Chandler Bling, the sarcasm king. I am so influenced by his touches of sarcasm; it has become a habit of mine as well. Well, It has escalated quickly from a shy college kid to have a sarcastic comment on everybody, every time. Oh and don’t forget Ross, He is my favorite character too. Game of thrones what a series that was, However, the last season has gone, it will always be one of my favorite. This is it. Thinks it is enough to describe me. If you want to know the story behind how I awaken the passion for travel, then spare 2 minutes of your life to read my story. You will get to know the other side of me. One thing, if not working either I will be traveling or food hunting.