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Aama Yangri Trek - off the beaten trek in Helambu Region

It was quite a while since I have been to hiking. Last time I went to hiking was to Sikles which was an awesome place. As I am working full time its quite difficult to make time for such trips. It was all work and work so I badly wanted to have some break from work. Actually, I have been to some places in between this time but mostly inside the valley like Bhardeu, Lalitpur bicycle ride, Kakani Bike Ride, Suryachaur but these were inside the Kathmandu valley which can be done in a day, I wanted to go for absolute adventurous trip, also Its’ been a while since I have seen mountains.The way mountains triggers and inspires me nothing else does.I have always felt a strong connection with the mountains and the longing to go there and explore these mighty beautiful beasts.So we were 3 in total who agreed to go to Aama Yangri which is actually a peak located in the Helambu region of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal, 90km north of Kathmandu Valley. It offers the best views of rolling hills towards the south which opens up for one of the most expansive views of the mountain range.

If you go for full hiking you will need 3-4 days. As we didn’t have that time so we decided to go with bikes. Also, Camping was something I have always wanted to do. This time we wanted to have more adventure and well we 3 had an adventure of our lifetime. We went to thamel, designated tourist area of Kathmandu, also popular for trekking gear shopping. We rented tents, sleeping bags, and some other essential pieces of equipment. Pro Tips: Make sure you have good tents and quality sleeping bags otherwise you will be cursing yourself the whole night because of the extreme weather condition up there especially in the rainy reason.Don’t you ever take take nature lightly, It might surprise you anytime.

We decided to start our journey early in the morning because we only had 2 days. There are 2 routes to reach there either the Dhulikhel route or the Sankhu route. With these 2 routes you have to reach Melamchi bazar first which takes roughly 3 hours to reach Melamchi bazar, The Dhulikhel route takes a bit longer but the roads are mostly pitched there. We decided to take the Sankhu route, roads were mostly unpaved, but it was quite fun. We reached Jarsing Pauwa which is quite a popular place in Kathmandu. We had some breakfast and headed for Melamchi bazaar. After 1 hour ride or so, we reached Melamchi bazaar. From Melamchi bazaar, it was going to be more adventurous. The roads were full of adventure, never been to such a road in a bike. The roads were full of rocks, it was a bit scary and honestly speaking I was so exhausted and also because my whole body was aching, I would just let my bike fall and I wasn’t able to pick it up. After 2 hours of most arduous riding, we eventually reached tarkeghyang. Remember, In rainy season roads get damaged and blocked so you will not be able to go up there even with bikes. Other than rainy season, You will find the buses from Kathmandu to Tarkeghyang directly if roads are in good condition

After riding bikes on such a road, our whole body was starting to ache. We decided to have lunch in Tarkeghyang also have some rest because we still had to hike about more than 3 hours to reach AamaYangri peak. One thing we didn’t know was People of Tarkeghyang were a strict vegetarian because it was a Buddhist village. However, they allow eggs for tourists. We had a fairly simple meal Daal Vaat Tarkari, famous Nepali comfort food. We spent some time exploring the village, we bought some food, water, and other essentials for the night. The best thing to do is to spend the night and go for hiking to AamaYangri peak the next day early in the morning but our plan was to do camping inAamaYangri peak.

As we were told, we have to park our bikes in the basecamp of Aama Yangri then continue our trek up to the peak. We parked our bikes and decided to hike as it was almost 4 in the evening. It was very strenous and aggressive hike because it was a straight uphill hike through forest and stairs made of rocks also because of high altitude and low oxygen but it was going to be very rewarding at the end as you go through from dense rhododendron forests with clear views of the Himalayas as you go up higher. It took us around 3 hours to reach the peak. The weather got worse when we reach up there. The temperature was below 0 and it was raining very heavily with a strong wind which made it even worse. The scariest thing was, we were just 3 people up top there at 3800m altitude. We set up our tent quickly and started the fire to keep ourselves warm. Funny thing is when we left Tarkeghyang after buying all the essentials like food, water, We forgot to buy the matchbox 😀 and we realized it after we were almost halfway to the Peak. How stupid we were? I almost threw all the food and that 5kg bucket of water which I was carrying the whole way, I was that frustrated. Because There was no point in carrying all those foods and water all the way up if we didn’t have anything to light fire. But luckily we found some peoples who were getting down from the peak, we asked them if they have some matchbox, they fortunately did. I was so relieved. So make sure you have everything you need to stay up there. So It was very cold up there, low oxygen and I started to feel altitude sickness. We all were having difficulty breathing. After staying up for 1 2 hours sitting by the fire, listening to music.eating some food made in that fire. We decided to have a sleep so that we can wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise. Honestly, we couldn’t sleep all night because of the cold and raining up all night.

We woke up 5:15 in the morning and damn the view of the mountains was gorgeous. You can feel the mountains so close that you can almost touch them. The view of the langtang range was so amazing also you can see MT Everest from there. It was like 360 views of the whole mountains. I sat there appreciating the view of the mountains. After such a painful hiking and hardest bike riding, it was all worth it. Honestly, the view of the mountains with sun rising over it was mesmerizing to watch. Indeed it is one of those must-visit places if you want awesome views of mountain range not far from Kathmandu. We clicked some photos, videos. We had some breakfast and coffee made in the fire was so good.

At around 8 in the morning, we decided to hike down to the village where we left our bikes. It was quite easy to hike down. We ate some soup in the village and went back to Kathmandu.

So This was one of the amazing trips I have ever had and I will never forget what we experience throughout the whole Journey. We did biking, we also hiked and did camping at 3800m altitude. It was full of adventure, a life-changing experience.

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